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Dublin Marmoleum Floor Cleaning is one of the leading marmoleum floor cleaning & sealing companies in Ireland. All our services are fully insured and highly recommended. All our estimates are free of charge and no obligation.

Marmoleum Floor Cleaning Dublin

Marmoleum Floor Cleaning Dublin

Marmoleum is the new eco friendly vinyl. It looks the same and is treated the same but is manufactured from eco friendly materials that are kinder to the environment. This type of floor is made to last but needs proper care and maintenance. Marmoleum floors MUST be sealed and buffed regularly. If 3 coats of polish are not applied to the floors and the floors are not buffed at least twice per month then the floor will start wearing off and tracks will appear on the areas with high traffic and usage.

We do not recommend that you polish your own floors. It looks like an easy operation but requires thousands of euro worth of tools and a lot of know how. 30% of our business is repairing badly done floor polishing.

Marmoleum floor cleaning can be priced per square meter/foot or per room. We price most of the jobs per square meter but for very small or very big jobs we usually price per job. Polishing marmoleum floors is time consuming and labour intensive and depending on the weather it can take 3 hours or 10 hours for 3 coats of polish to dry. One thing is for sure, you cannot afford NOT to seal your floors. Prices can vary  from 3€ to 10€ per square meter depending on the quality & condition of your floor. 100 square meters of marmoleum floor polishing can cost 300€ or 1000€. Here is why:

Some marmoleum floors were over polished – too many coats of sealant were applied – hard to strip

Some marmoleum floors were stripped & polished too often and the floor is very porous & requires repair

Some floors are sealed with the wrong sealants

Some buildings are full of furniture and it takes time to empty room by room – it costs money


We will provide free no obligation estimates and we will explain the process so there will be no surprises at the end. Most of our commercial marmoleum floor polishing jobs are done in the evening or over the weekend to ensure minimum disruption to your business and staff. Marmoleum floors need time to dry and settle after polishing. Our specialists will clearly explain and demonstrate how to properly clean and buff your floors to  ensure long lasting results.

We are fully insured and highly recommended. With hundreds of marmoleum cleaning and polishing jobs completed each year we can truly say that we are the masters of marmoleum floor cleaning.


Call us now at 014440146    0r   1800 848 700 (free line)   and we will be with you in no time.



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