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Dublin Marmoleum Floor Cleaning is one of the leading marmoleum floor cleaning & sealing companies in Ireland. All our services are fully insured and highly recommended. All our estimates are free of charge and no obligation.

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Marmoleum flooring is available in a huge variety of colours & designs.

Marmoleum flooring is one of the most eco friendly types of flooring made from natural products only.

Marmoleum flooring can be stripped & sealed thousands of times – if the right technology is used.

Marmoleum flooring needs regular buffing.

How to clean marmoleum floors?

The best way of washing marmoleum floors is mopping – flat or normal mop. Depending on usage it should be washed a few times per week. The best cleaning products to clean your marmoleum flooring are cleaning products with low PH – under 8. Do not use hard brushes or wire brushes on marmoleum floors. We would recommend lemon gel as the best cleaning product for marmoleum floors but other similar products can be used without problems. Using warm water will remove even more dirt from your marmoleum floors.

How to buff marmoleum flooring?

Never use dark colour floor pads to polish your floors. Black, brown, green, grey and blue pads are for scrubbing. Red pads are the best pads for polishing your floors but the white pad can be also used. For polishing, a higher RPM buffer is required – at least 400 RPM. To get the best results make sure you buff evenly and take your time.  A standard classroom in a normal school should not take longer than 10 minutes twice per month.

How to avoid staining your marmoleum floors?

Do not wash your floors with very hot water and never use steam to clean your floors. If a spillage happens clean your floor fast and do not allow the stain to stay on the floor for too long. Never use bleach to wash marmoleum floors, it will make the sealant white and it will kill the look of your floors. Do not drag heavy items on the floors – once scratched it cannot be repaired and replacing your floors will be very expensive. Do not allow people with no experience in marmoleum floor cleaning to clean your floors. Using the wrong stripper or the wrong mix of strippers can burn your floor. We saw it many times and there is nothing that we can do about it. Blades, scrappers, sharp objects need to be kept away from your floors. One of the biggest enemies of marmoleum flooring – sealed or unsealed – is citric acid. If a slice of lemon or orange is left on the floor over night it will mark the floor very badly. Some public buildings have no border beside the toilet and the main room floor. So if the cleaner washes the bathroom tiles with strong chemicals, sometimes some of those cleaning products can go on to marmoleum floors and may cause damage.

Best tip: Use different mops for each type of floor i.e. tiles, marmoleum or wood. Many cleaners lost their jobs and many schools , offices etc had thousands of euro worth of brand new floors damaged by this simple mistake – the cleaners were using one mop head to wash the whole building.